ASGOR011 – Mike Storm + Grg – Eleven EP


Played & supported by Jeff Mills, Ben Klock, Jonas Kopp, DVS1, Ben Sims, Troy Pierce,
Lee Holman, Jeroen Search, Dimi Angélis, Jamie Behan, Kr!z & more


Tadeo in Invite’s Podcast:

Jonas Kopp:
DJ Tomaz (Studio Brussel) & Deg (Fuse Club):!bru/techno/41572
Astronomical Telegram:
Mental Resonance:
Opption: &
Arnaud le Texier:
Bruno Sacco:

Mike has been around the Dutch Music Scene for a while, since the late 90′s. Inspired by the Sound of Detroit & Dark Minimalistic Techno, he moved from turntables to his first analog gear to perform live-sets various local parties using only analog equipment. In 2012, things got interesting as Mike was noticed by “The Wizard” Jeff Mills & Dimi Angélis, what resulted in a debut album on Subsist Records and his first vinyl on Belief System.

Born and raised in the GDR, today East Germany, Grg started making music in ’94 using analog Equipment. Early 1995, he already played live-sets with 2 friends as Ensemble Acid Paul and later as “grg” on his own. He released on TeKknik Experimental and EAP records.
Still producing with the amazing MPC3k, he never focused on one single Genre. “it’s just Electronic Music” he told us. A modest guy.

This EP contains a full side of each Artist.
The A-Side is the harder part, for the floor. Two must have hard slamming tracks full of 909 repetition, hats & mental hypnotic leads. 100% Mike. You’ll love it.

Rolando / Ostgut Ton
One target rmx & Rainy Monday’s for me!!!

Joris Voorn (Green)
Classic 90′s feel on Rainy Mondays, great! 7Uhr also nice!

Vince Watson / Bio Music
GRG Rainy Mondays is the killer

Jonas Kopp / Curle, Deeply Rooted House
killer ep ! support.

Pfirter / Stroboscopic Artefacts, CLR
Great EP, specially the Grg tracks, will play.

Rebekah / CLR

Troy Pierce / Items & Things
rainy monday’s track is nice

Technasia / Technasia
4 of 5 star rating

Ben Klock / Ostgut Ton
I’m really into Rainy Monday’s!

Marcel Dettmann (MDR/Ostgut-Ton) / Ostgut Ton

Slam / Soma Records, Slam Radio
cool tunes – will spin

Angel Molina ( Sonar / Tresor )
though ‘Grg – 7Uhr2′ is my fav track on this ep, Mike´s stuff is very useful especially for timeless / oldschool techno sets.

Pig & Dan (Cocoon)
love the GRG tracks so deep and beautyful :)

Good release. I like all the tracks overall Unconnected by MIke. Thanks and continue with the good music. Cheers.

Ben Sims (Splitmusic)
one target remix does it for me, big thx!

DJ Paul Mac / Stimulus
Liking One Target the most on first listen definitely got that early 90′s thing going on. Couple of other useful tunes on here as well though . thanks

Diego Hostettler / Kanzleramt / Belief System
Mike Storm is fin good yeah!

DJ Mag / DJ Mag Charts, DJ Mag Germany
forward stuff

Bryan Zentz / Minus / Thoughtless / Portlandia
loving these Grg tracks. One Target is some nice Mills-ian business! thanks

Lee Holman / [Kawl | Ferox]
One Target and unconnected are the ones but the other tracks are nice too..No doubt will be playing all…Thanks!

Radial / Audio Assault / Radial Records
i really like rainy mondays (sunny ones too)

Danny Tenaglia
sounds good..thanks!!!

DVS1 (Klockworks, Transmat, HUSH)
Rainy mondays!

Darko Esser ( Wolfskuil, Doornroosje, Merleyn )
Great release! Especially Mike’s Unconnected is SICK!!

Tomaz /
rainy mondays is top !

Ramon Tapia / Paso Music
rainy mondays

Kr!z / Token
a1 & b1 are big. will play. full support.

Marco Bailey
Many Thanks

Jeroen Search (A&S)
what’s more to say… slamming… both mike tracks are hot but Grg rainy monday’s is damn fine as well!

Louk / 24/7 Magazine, Core Magazine, Eat Music FM, Digitally Imported – DI.FM
Was lucky enough to have an early one of this, Binny – No Surrender one of most cained tunes of 2013! One Target Mix is the one for me, but I also played Unconnected too!

Pepe Arcade / Consumed Club, REZ, Serial Number 849 Records
bomb!! always good music from orbis! one of my fav labels!

Mattias Fridell / Affin, Gynoid Audio
Nice tracks, cheers

Exium / Pole Recordings
solid ep,thanks

Christian Schmidt / Subculture Stuttgart
solid ep, nice oldschool sounds! thx

Mekas / Aula Magna Records
Nice tracks from Mike Storm

Andrew Till / Machine
Rainy Mondays for me ..

Andrew Wowk / Pulse Radio,
Solid techno grooves!

Craig McWhinney / Haul Music
Rainy Mondays is cool, will play

Jamie Stevens / (Bedrock/Chameleon Recordings)
Rainy Mondays! awesome vibe on this. Actually, both Grg tunes are great,

Electric Indigo
pretty useful stuff here! my favorite is rainy monday’s

rainy mondays is my fav, tnx

Greencross / Different Is Different Records / Slap Jaxx / Home Audio / Parallel 125
Rainy Monday’s… awesome track!

Riyaz Khan / Diversions on chry105.5fm
well crafted release – fave is the intricate RAINY MONDAY’S

Felipe Espinosa Meneses / Medellinstyle
Great release, much quality. THX

Leri Ahel / Mutant Disco Radio Show
Both Grg tracks are great.

kredepedersen / DR
Rainy Mondays is quite cool

Patrick Bateman (Tic Tac Toe / Connect Four)
The 2 tracks by Grg are awesome!

Benoît Carretier / Tsugi
unconnected for me

MCD magazine / WTM radio show / MCD Magazine, Wreck This Mess Radio Show
another wtm’s palylist is coming soon…;)

Laurent N. / Atavisme, House Nation Radio
The 2 Grg track for me.
Will play & SUPPORT.

Grg’s work on this ep … DJ Gaogao

Great EP will play …Thanx :)

Rainy Monday’s for me, thanks !

Bruno Sacco / Gravite
Fat release !

Ron Costa / Potobolo Records, SCI+TEC
Rainy Monday’s

maxime dangles / skryptom / sign industry
i like the grg’s trax, i’ll test it, thanks

ELECTRIC RESCUE / skryptom, rex club, astropolis
one target is a killer
rainy monday’s is wonderfull love it

Marco Asoleda / Amazone / Among rec
great ep , great vibes from mike storm again

Fabian Birke / WOMR College Radio / BLN.FM
For radio play, thanks.

Matthias Springer / Plasmic Shape / Raveline, Diametral, Electrosound Tv, Tonreport
thx for great sounds!

Martin Böttcher /, Deutschland Radio, Tagesspiegel

Patrick Selzer / Raveline
Erinnert an frühe Surgeon Tracks.

Roko (
Mike Storm tunes are bangin!

Florian Breidenbach / // Dies und Das
Rainy Monday’s

Robert Grand / Additan Radio
One Target for me! Thank you

Zeihta / Beatguide
Rainy Monday’s, thanks

Chris Liebing / CLR
downloading thx

Tommy Four Seven / CLR, Stroboscopic Artefacts, Electric Deluxe

Alland Byallo / Nightlight Music, Bad Animal, Pokerflat
I like Grg’s stuff. Kinda has that R Cerrone swing to things. The Storm stuff is cool but WAY too hard for me. Good though!

Solenoid / Graphene / Belief System
unconnected and rainy mondays …great release !

Thomas Schumacher / Electric Ballromm/Noir/Pets
Rainy Monday’s – superb!

Patrick Zigon
rainy monday’s is great!

Pär Grindvik

Agaric / We Are
Nice one

Noah Pred / Thoughtless Music
Grg is cool and weird in all the right spots – thanks.

Alessio Mereu / Amam/Poker Flat/Cocoon
grg tracks are incredible!!

Samuel L. Session
Really like parts of this but find it a bit hard to play


Mik Santoro / Ampispazi Recordings ( Label Owner ) , Amazing Records ( Music Manager )
Grg – Rainy Monday’s is very nice, thanks

Reka (Le Chic/TRESOR )
One target for me. thanks

John Osborn (Jackoff / Tanstaafl)
I like Rainy Mondays ;)

Martin Schulz / Vault Series
THX will test. I like the GRG tracks…

Nadja Lind / Lucidflow, Soma, Darkroom Dubs
Rainy Monday is it!

LIMO / Transition Lab
Great release, thanks

Static Plate
nice !

Jon Asher / TiLT / Zero2Nine / Fusion Club
great EP ! Love all tracks. Full support !

Marco Effe / Break New Soil / Cocoon Recordings / Cécille / Sci+Tec
Rainy Monday is really good!

James Mile / Dirty Session Records
“Grg – Rainy Monday’s” is very good!

Thomas Hessler
good stuff ! thank you

Urbano / Urbanomusic
i already played that mike storm stuff :) good stuff, GRG is also great !

Whole release is a top ! Congrats!

Clark Davis / 3rd Wave Music / Vogelfrei Records / Hamburg
rainy monday`s my fav

P.E.A.R.L. / Falling Ethics / Tsunami Records
Nice sounds here, thanks!

Xpansul / Ovum Recordings
Techno is in good shape this days, innit? Superb tunes here. Loving the solid peat time stuff by Mike and the delicate and beautiful pieces by Grg. Support!
7Uhr2 is cool

Giles Armstrong / Power FM Dublin
mike is brewing up a storm with two torrential techno tracks :)

Guy J / Bedrock
7Uhr2 is my pick thnx

Gabriele Gilleri /
supported & noticed by

Davide Siri / iyezine
nice Grg tracks, don’t like Storm ones

Big up for Mike Storm

Gandalf / Stereo Torino
7uhr2 for me, thanks!

Andrea Santoro / Out-ER – Frozen Border – Krill
I like Grg – Rainy Monday’s

Haiku / Raw Waxes
remix for me tnx!

Satoshi Fumi (Klik,Outerspace,Moodmusic,Plastic City)
Grg for me:)

Grg – Rainy Monday’s is my fav

Invite Podcast / xt3radio
One Target remix is dope!

Speedy J / Electric Deluxe
Thanks, will test

Kevin Arnemann / Misc
Both tracks by Grg for me, thanks!

Jean Pierre Enfant / Les Enfants Terribles
one target, will play

DEAS / Secret Room Records/Deeperfect/Baroque
7Uhr2 is very nice ! :)

Hipodrome / Hipodrome
nice release
i will post it on hipodrome

HORATIO / Natural Rhythm
cool stuff

Unbalance / Unbalance / Mutex / Other Heights
Rainy Monday’s is something special, thanks!

Luis Rozalen / Clubbing Spain
Rainy mondays is dope.

Redwan Chakrani / Clubbing Spain
Whole EP is dope.

Marc Brunes / MainConcept Music
Oldschool! Love it!

Rainy Monday’s for me

David Humo / LightIsNothingButTheShadeOfDarksness
Very good, specially Rainy Monday’s. Best Orbis release so far?

Sebastian Roya (Connaisseur)
awesome tracks, thanks!

Paco Osuna ( Plus 8 )

Dj Carlio Lio / Sci+Tec
dope release.. one target is excellent

UZB / Unam Zetineb / (Sleaze/Enemy/Affin)
Mike did it again, huge, thanks

Adriana Lopez / Grey Report
Solid release. Thanks

Flug / Sleaze Records, Enemy Records, Driving Forces
Rainy mondays for me thanks!

Miki Craven / Dead Rose/White Rose/TWD/Outpost/Kobayashi
Like all the mixes. Maybe Unconnected stands out for me!Thanx

Kwartz / PoleGroup
Great release, One Target and Rainy Monday’s are fantastic

Robert Lamart / Auxiliar / AuxD1 / 8MF
Solid EP! Unconnected & Rainy Monday’s are amazing tracks! Thanks.

Spear / TWD Records, DarkRose Records, We Trust Records, Herzschlag Schallplatten
great ep!! from strong to beauty

Sandra Mickelsson / Swedish Radio, Elektroniskt i P2
Rainy Monday´s!!

Patrick Siech / Drumcode
Rainy mondays is great!!

B2 is great!! Nicely original style

Woo York
Grg is very interesting. Great to discover! Rainy Mondays is my choice

Alex Downey / Third Ear / [covert] / Split
One Target – Hell yes, killer full power techno.
rainy mondays is also excellent, will play.
wow thanks for these!

Nori / Extra Music New
On promo Chart

Stevie Wilson / Naked Lunch, Shout Records, Rewashed LTD, Parallel 125
Great ep will use all of these tracks

Chris Duckenfield
The Hoodesque Rainy Monday’s stands out

Sasha / Renaissance
Rainy Mondays is cool

Luciano Esse / Safari Electronique, Out-Er, Leftroom, Material Series
Unconnected… what a bomb!!!

Arnaud Le Texier / Affin, Bass Culture, Cocoon, Children Of Tomorrow, Syncrophone.
Really nIce Ep!!! Will play for sure Thx

Nick Morrow / CODE Glasgow
Thanks will listen further

Roberto (Artform, Outland, Affin)
Rainy Monday’s is awesome!

Forward Strategy Group
Great stuff, loving all tracks, thanks !

One target is great!

Paula Temple
rainy monday’s is a happy monday

Graeme Nisbet / Fnoob Techno Radio

Cleric / Affin
Rainy mondays for me. cheers

Antonio De Angelis / Affin, Syncrophone, BulletDodge Records, Gynoid Audio
very good music thank you

Richard ‘Merlyn’ Martin / (Subdivisions Radio Show – Digitally Imported Radio)
Rainy Monday’s is cool – thx!~

Jeff Roll /
Rainy Mondays is a cool track

Anton Banks / 88.1FM WESU The Vault Radio Show
I really like Rainy Monday’s. The rest are pretty good as well!

Echologist (Steadfast)
rainy mondays is a killer!

DJ Tronic
Conversation Recordings
love the Grg tracks.

Shlomi Aber / Be As One
Rainy Monday’s is amazing , thanks.

Jesse Jakob / Traut Muzik, Black
Rainy Monday’s is the jam! thanks!

Billy Johnston / BN / TIC TAC TOE / SLEAZE
CLASS release…. 2014 techno is looking refreshing!